Saturday, October 01, 2016

A new look for

Understanding that people and organizations should update their websites every five or six years, I recently went through the experience, on two fronts: my own author's website, a debut on Wordpress, and the much larger and more complicated overhaul of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, where I am a fellow, transitioning from a patched-together custom CMS to Drupal. I must say it was a bit of a wild ride in both cases, and I learned more about File Transfer Protocol (FTP) than I ever cared to know. But the payoff is clear. A new website forces a re-thinking and a fresh start. It's an exercise in stepping back and figuring out what the most important themes are, and how they might best be packaged. So, here is the new and improved anthony.flint: a simple About homepage to start things off; a repository of Published Work, Travel Writing, and Videos; citations in In the News and Reviews; and a page for speaking engagements, called Appearances. I'll keep working on it and remain open to suggestion. I feel like websites have become ubiquitous, necessary as ever, but not necessarily to be overdone -- sort of like owning a Prius, just basic, efficient transportation. Come to think of it, with that dent in the rear passenger, I've been meaning to refresh my ride.


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